Useful Links

Life in the UK test website:
This website has all the up to date information about the test, including a sample test and help with using a computer keyboard and mouse. It is also where you book your test.

UK visas and immigration:  the official government websites for everyone who lives in the UK:
The website is the best place to find information from the government and public services.

United Kingdom Parliament website:
The official website for the UK Parliament, providing information about the House of Commons and the House of Lords, including the latest news about debates. It also has education page where you can learn more about the history of Parliament and how it works.

Devolved administration websites:
Northern Ireland

Commonwealth website:
Provides information about the work of the Commonwealth and its member states

European Union website:
Provides information about the EU, its history, how it works and its member states in many different languages.

Citizens Advice websites: and
An online advice service that provides independent advice on your rights, including benefits, housing, employment rights and discrimination, debt and tax issues.

Learndirect website: / Learndirect freephone: 0800 101 901 / Learndirect Scotland: 0808 100 9000
Provides online courses in basic English, Maths and IT – as well as other courses.

British Tourist Authority website:
Provides information on places to visit such as historic buildings, art galleries and museums, and places of natural beauty – as well as travel information.

Do it website:
Tells you all about volunteering and where you can get involved in your local area.

School Governors’ One-Stop Shop:
Provides information about becoming a school governor. You can also apply online on this website.