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The Daily Mail has reached a disgusting new low, attacking Labour leader Ed Miliband’s dead father by claiming that he “hated Britain”. And then, when the Mail grudgingly allowed Miliband a right of reply, it reprinted the slimy piece — and added another one for good measure denouncing his dad’s “evil legacy”.

Vicious personal attacks have no place in our press, but this has become routine for the Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre, who uses the paper as a bully pulpit to carry out personal vendettas that rip into anyone who challenges him, pushing right past the bounds of propriety. With the British public appalled at the sort of bile the Mail has launched, now is the time to add our voices to ensure that even the Daily Mail knows when it has gone too far.

Tell the Daily Mail’s editor and owner to apologise for its vicious attack on Ed Miliband’s dead father.

The Daily Mail has been lowering the level of discourse in Britain for decades, and we have to put our feet down and say that enough is enough. Attacking opponents’ families over their patriotism is a disgusting new low that we cannot afford to become the new normal. Join in and sign this petition today, and share it with your friends. As the outcry rolls on and stays in the news, cracks have begun to appear in the facade of the Mail, and with continued pressure we can ensure that the Mail will have to issue an embarrassing apology, enough to make it think twice before launching such horrible attacks in the future.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had one of the Daily Mail’s character-assassination campaigns in our crosshairs. Last spring, a column by Richard Littlejohn mocking transgender schoolteacher Lucy Meadows helped pile on bullying that sent her fleeing from her job, and may have contributed to her suicide weeks later. When the Daily Mail looks to lower the bar on British discourse, we need to be there to push back — we can’t accept this sort of monstering as normal. Help spread word of this today to ensure that the Daily Mail can’t take up its campaigns of hate without paying for them with widespread public condemnation.

Tell Paul Dacre and Viscount Rothermere to apologise for their abhorrent editorial.

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